IN MEMORIAM: Andy Warhol

I have wanted to write something regarding Warhol all day, but coming up with the right words has been rather challenging.

30 years ago today (February 22, 1987), Andy Warhol passed away in his sleep after undergoing gallbladder surgery. Although I hadn’t yet been born at the time of his death, I have for years been profoundly affected by his legacy and vast body of work. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I frequently refer to Andy as my “life idol” (for better or worse).


Andy Warhol (Photo credit unknown, unfortunately)

I wish I could explain precisely why I feel such a connection to Andy Warhol, but I don’t think I really know how to explain it. All I will say is that I admire his creative output, in terms of both quality and quantity. I love how obnoxious he was when it came to describing his work. I love how he took complete advantage of the commercial art world, generating edgy, avant-garde masterpieces that managed to seamlessly permeate the mainstream. I think he was brilliant, I truly do.

I have been familiar with Andy Warhol’s work my entire life, but it was when I discovered his filmography that I really became obsessed. Several years ago, I came across some stills from his Chelsea Girls (1966) in an introductory film studies textbook. I could tell right away that seeing that film would change my life. It took me several months to find Chelsea Girls, but the wait was worth it. This long-winded, virtually incoherent, creatively daring tour de force won me over with its style and substance. I aspire to produce something like that one day. It’s one of my top ten goals in life (no joke)


I’m not even going to try to explain what this film is; you just really need to see it.

Anyway, I could write a 4o -page essay about this right now (I did it my undergrad!), but today is almost tomorrow and I just want to get this up and out there. In conclusion, Andy Warhol continues to be the premier creative influence in my life, and I am always happy to explain why and defend my assertions if necessary.

I found this graphic on my old hard drive today. I have no idea where it’s from, but I think it would be nice to end this post with it:


Thanks for reading.



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